‘Arriving in London...’


19-20 October 2018
Part of the Mayor of London's Arrival series
Goldsmiths College

The Conversation Booth was installed at Goldsmiths' 35 Cafe for two days in partnership with the Mayor of London's Arrival series of community engagement events. Visitors were invited to tell their stories of arrival in London, with the first day aimed at the Goldsmiths community of students and staff. On day two, stories were inspired by a series of workshops led by artists and academics; Rose Sinclair explored the legacies of the Dorcas Societies through textiles and oral histories, Audrey Allwood invited participants to bring an object through which they could tell their stories. The day culminated in a unique cake sale bringing together recipes from Lewisham's diverse communities, to explore the hidden histories behind the recipes and share the memories that they evoke.

Listen to an ever-changing, generative speech collage made from conversations held in the booth at this event. A computer program cuts and splices different phrases of speech together, reforming the archive and creating new connections between speakers.

The speech collage is a living artwork, hear a different narrative every time you return to this page.

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